A product that stands out of itself in the clutter due to its quality edge. Structurally strong and dimensionally stable. Eagle Flush Doors have an excellent finish and quality to give smooth exotic look.These Flush Doors are frames in seasoned hardwood vaccum pressure treated and pressed at high pressure with superior phenol formaldehyde to intensify its inner strength. Moreover acting as a insulator against heat and sound , these doors are made as per ISI specification and considered highly reliable product in the industry.

Eagle Doors commits to engineer, the best products in a environmentally responsible way results in a product that is beautiful, strong, durable and environmentally friendly.

Custom build your taste are assembled to your requirements and local climatic conditions. Our workmen extensively trained to provide your door with the choicest of ornamentation be a beveled and stained. You can also choose from a wide collection of finishes and textures, be the wood grain or smooth door surfaces. Eagle Doors can be strained to give a rich natural look or painted in contemporary shades to suit your homes style.

Keeping in mind the scope of future growth and development, the company has recognized the importance of research in this area ; the company has been making substantial investment in the area of laboratory, testing equipment, machinig etc. An informal feedback by dealers and consumers is given a clean thought so as to maintain the quality and goodwill among the consumers.

Minimum 3 mm space must be provided on all sides of the door shutter & frame. This is to accommodate minor movements of the door framed. All edges and faces of door must be sealed with primer coat followed by a paint coat before fixing in position to prevent the undue absorption of moisture. Doors should be stacked properly on a fast surface. Minimum 4 hinges must be fixed, aligned properly before fitting the door, to prevent bending of door.