1. Warp which does not exceed ½” in the plane of the door panel itself.

2. Normal wear and tear; problem due to misuse, abuse, failure to follow the care    and maintenance instructions; or as a result of any cause beyond our control.

3. Problems related to improper finishing of all surfaces (front and back), sides and    edges of the door panel; variation or unsatisfactory results in sheet or texture    resulting from the field application of paint, polish or any other finished material.

4. Bow or misalignment in the frame or jamb in which the door panel is hung;    problems due to improper assembly or installation (not in conformance with our    instructions); and structural integrity issues or problems caused by improper    fitting of the hardware or sizing of the panel.

5. Damage to Door shutter due to any mishandling or during resize operations.

6. Hardware or inserts such as locksets, door handles, strikes, etc.

7. Any type of painting or polishing expense.

8. Cost of labor, installation, removal or finishing of the replaced door panel.

9. Damage or poor product performance resulting from installation into a condition    that exceeds product design standards and/or certified performance    specification and/or does not comply with applicable building codes.

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